Review: Where’s Mr Lion? By Ingela P Arrhenius.

Firstly, whoever came up with this idea (someone at Nosy Crow?) is a GENIUS!

Secondly, why has no one come up with this idea before?? So simple and yet so effective!

Basically, this is a lift-the-flaps book but with one amazing difference. The flaps are made of felt! They’re so perfect for little fingers that I am genuinely in shock that all picture books don’t do this. I am SOLD on this idea! Laurence loved this book so much just now on our first read of it that he cried when we put it down, and had to have another play!

It’s a ‘where is [insert animal here]’ story which are always popular with my sons but then the ending is also a bit innovative. Apologies for spoilers here. The last double page asks “Where are you?” And beneath the felt flap is a mirror. Just… genius. I love this idea for babies!

I’d seen this book a while ago on someone’s top book list, on Goodreads or Twitter or somewhere, and I thought it looked good. However, it was only when I saw the book in a bookshop that I realised what makes it so brilliant. There are a few more in this series… definitely one with an owl on the front… so a few to choose from for your child’s library.

Laurence LOVED this! It’s an A** from him!

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