Review: Yuck! Said the Yak, by Alex English and Emma Levey.

I so relate to the character of Alfie in this story!

This is basically me until my eldest son was 3:

And Tobias said, “Yuck!”

Laurence and I laughed a lot reading this, and I suspect that other parents will see themselves in Alfie and their child in the yak.

Basically, the yak comes along and Alfie says hi (as you do). He, very hospitably, offers the yak a selection of foods that you would expect to be tempting, but the yak isn’t impressed by any of them.

Eventually, Alfie is fed up, tells the yak he is rude and he doesn’t want to feed him anymore.

The yak points out that take just like to eat grass, and would Alfie like some? And Alfie says….. ?

We really enjoyed this story, which is one of the first my husband read with my eldest son on their blog but which I haven’t encountered myself until this evening. If Laurence ever ends up as fussy an eater as Tobias (unlikely given current weaning evidence), I’ll be bringing out this book and offering him grass!

I like the way that yak turns out not to be a fussy eater, actually, in the end. He’d just been offered the wrong things. He points out that all yaks like grass, and Alfie’s offers, though well-intentioned, were ill-informed. It’s a good lesson for us sometimes, when we think we know best for our children or pupils, to remember not to push or own preferences and assumptions onto others. Sometimes we need to ask the questions and listen rather than just giving what we think is best. We’re all different, right?

A great book. Thanks for the choice, Daddy!


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